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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Finally changed my blog banner after GAZILLION YEARS!!!
This is one thing i've been saying that "i'll def do it soooooon"
but i've procrastinated up till now.
Hope you like my new layout! :D

I don't know why my entry fonts will become so big suddenly
in the middle of the post! Same as the previous post!
So fed up with it, keep tweaking the font size but it's still like that,
anybody can help me? ):

Ahhhh, one of my must-blog things!
Remember i did a post on Sweet Love Nat a couple of months ago? (:

Received a dress + a top from them last week!


I love how they are really experimental with the different styles they carry!
Like how the 1st collection is more directed to
how the different clothes they bring in help
to make the wearer look slimmer and more confident
while wearing their apparels.

Which girl wouldn't love clothes that accentuates their figure right?

And the 2nd collection is much more FUNKY!
Looking forward to their 3rd collection. (:
Waiting to be surprised by them again!


Wore this dress, paired when a hot pink ribbon cardigan
to Milly's, bugis branch to remove my acrylic nails last weeeeek!
Love the bugis branch! So much less crowded,
feel so much more comfy there~

Can go for some cheap shopping
after doing nails @ milly's somemore!


Love this lace top Sweet Love Nat sent me!!!

My dear readers will receive free postage from Sweet Love Nat,
Buy 2 piece and above to enjoy 5% off each item!

Good deal! Just remember to mention that
you're THELUCKIESTCHICK 's reader when ordering
to enjoy the offers mentioned above!!! (:

Went to Crab Party with my dear colleagues again 2 nights ago!
My super awesome boyf had breakfast with me,
sent me to work, after work, he came all the way to dempsey again
just to fetch us ALL to crab party!



BOOOOOOSSSS ordering food!

I know i said something about "stop eating such good food for awhile"
on my last blog post.. But you know..
crab party is simply irresistible to me!!!

Boohoo, adelynn fly our plane that night!


We ordered quite abit and they gave us free Yu Sheng!!!
Lou Hei Lou Heeeeeei~




It was priscilla's farewell that night too!
She's gonna be transferred to another department very soon! ):


Lol, scary when girls are armed with cameras!!!!
Seee! i was like.. aiyah nevermind forget it,
don't bother to take out my camera,
just wait for them to tag me on fb.. lol! :x

Look at them! 3 cameras!
Reminds me of bloggers having dinner tgt,
hahahahs esp ESTHER XIE!!!

She won't let us touch the dishes
until she took pictures of every single dish. Faints.


... right after all the snapping sounds ended,
change scene become all very quiet and checking out their photos.



Laggi super! Manager smoke + check photos. Lol.
Checking whether got ugly candids.

The food started to come..




... Lol, when the crabs arrived everybody is so into their crabs,
seems like nobody take pictures!!!! LOL!
Yummy! No crabbie pictures!!!


Boyf loves to be super x 1000000 mushy
when we're out with my friends,
purposely one, always like to make me shy only!!!!!

Today is my ooooooooff!!!
Wanted to go to the beach but we woke up too late
and i got another appointment 2pm @ town area.

so we decided to go watch Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief
but we were stuck in the bloody jam
and we were late so we missed the movie.

Pouts, super bad mood! Everything's going wrong!
Changed plans went to Holland Village to
my favourite bakery, Provence!!! (:

Finally one thing that cheered me up!



Nothing beats chilling with your boyf, over a cuppa iced orange juice
+ my favourite Blueberry Cheesecake Bun!!!

After that super good mood already~ (:



Lol, my boyf who cannot drink coffee but GEI KIANG = act smart!
drank one latte then feeling jittery for the rest of the day!
Faints!!!! So cute, lol.

Preview for what's coming up next!


Naughty whisky !

Ettusais Beauty Diary #1

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Ettusais Beauty Diary #01

I recently got to try out a new skincare product from Ettusais!
Quick quick quick~ Guess what it is!!! :P


... 1 hint! It gives you squeaky clean skin!


It's the new Pore Care Wash!
I used to use the Medicated Acne Gentle Wash
which is suitable for those who worry about blemishes & pimples.

(Please don't get the wrong idea because it's called acne gentle wash!
It's not only for people who have acne problem,
I personally loved it!)

and i've just started trying this new cleanser which is for pores
for the past week i must say i do like them both!


The new Pore Care Wash prevents
How do they prevent enlarged pores?

It's specially formulated to remove the
unsaturated fatty acid which is found is sebum.

Unsaturated fatty acid causes enlarged pores, roughens the skin!
It clogs your pores, making your skin look dull,
lifeless and even SAGGY!

Who knows such an insignificant thing like that
can cause so much damage to your skin!


Of cos you'll want squeaky clean, smooth skin...
minus the TIGHTNESS!

The Pore Care Wash has Ettusais' star ingredient,
the AC Control oil, which helps to fight bacteria,
while keeping your skin moisturized.
Jojoba oil conditions and soften your skin as well!


For people with sensitive skin like me,
i always have break-outs when i change to a new product!
But not for Ettusais cos it's allergy tested, frangrance-free!
So it doesn't irritated sensitive skin!


How do we create the fluffy foam?
Pour around 3cm of the Pore Care Wash in your palms,
(Around the size of a 50 cent coins!)
just add a weeeeee bit of water.

..... you know how people WHIP their batter?

whipped cream

.... use your 3rd & 4th finger and WHIP the cleanser
and soon enough, it'll turn all fluffy!




Massage onto your skin in circular motion!
Remember~ Only the 3rd & 4th finger!



I think the idea of having to "whip" up the foam to create a lather is great!
Firstly, whipping the foam creates this fluffy foam,
Do you know? The finer the foam,
the deeper it penetrates to cleanse your skin!

And because a whole lot of us are so lazy sometimes
we simply slap on the cleanser and work the lather
directly on the face, which is a BIG NO-NO!

Did you know? By doing that, it causes friction, and in the long run,
you'll be sure that more wrinkles will be forming prematurely!

Did you know if your skin isn't well hydrated wrinkles develop faster,
so make sure you follow up with skin version up
& white shooter (my personal favourite!)


I'm gonna be 20 this year and i'm starting to worry about wrinkles,
So i'm gonna take these prevention steps really seriously!

Oh yes, it's 30sgd for the Pore Care Wash!
43sgd for the White shooter

Here's the list of Ettusais counters all around Singapore!


Visit Ettusais' official website for more information!

February is THE month of foodie.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hello everyone! GONG XI FA CAI! :D
Hope you guys all received gaaaaazillion ANG POWS!!!

Time to stop yourself from pigging out
with all the Chinese New Year goodies!

Lol, for me, i had a baaaad bad start for my CNY!
Went to the blooooooooody techno party @ DXO with boyf
and a whole bunch of garett's friends.

Lots of ah bengs and ah lians indeeeeeed!
I heard that there was a fight and somebody actually died that night!
omgggggg faints. Of cos that was after i KO-ed
so i only knew about it the next few day from boyf!


The gorgeous dress is sponsered by
one of my fav blogshops at the moment! (:

I was kinda tipsy and i didn't even rmb downing neat chivas & vodka,
one moment i rmb i was playing 5-10 with the other girls,
then i rmb dancing with boyf,
then the next thing i rmb i was on my kneels outside DXO.

I only remembered these flashes of that night,
the next thing after i rmb kneeling outside DXO,
i'm in the bathroom bathing in cold water,
then i rmb puking ON the bed,
and i puked for 12 hours, even vomitted blood!
Lol, boyf told me he was so close to calling the ambulance. Wtfffffff.


It was really bad luh! keep puking till the next day around 2pm then
i finally could get my sorry ass up to allow boyf
to drag me to the 24 hour clinic, took a jab,
vomitted again, and slept for the next 5 hours.

Lol. i'm dead sure i'll be staying away from alcohol
for at least 3 months after this.
Didnt even have a proper reunion dinner,
only drank soup cos obviously i'm gonna puke out everything
i eat again if i had a heavy meal.

Lol, but i got to avoid some of the bainian-ing this year!
(Cos the anti-vomit medication is super potent! Lol,
one small pill and i'm gonna be out cold for hours!)

Honestly i don't really like to go bai nian :x
have to smile smile entertain the aunties and uncles,
answer the same old qns over and over again,
sit there and watch boring shows on tv since i don't gamble.

But it's good to see some of my cousins!
Afterall i only get to see them like once, twice a year!
good catching up! (:

Omg February is FULL of birthdays!
SUPER x10 pok-kai month.

I've been having SOOOO much good food to the extend
like now i thought of crabs.. abalone.. kinda irks me.
somehow i feel i'm going to be punished for eating so much good food.
so... time to STOP!

My churchmates dimsum session:

Went to Zhou's Kitchen @ Alexandra road for dimsum
cos i was missing the dimsum after i came back from hong kong!

f10 friends keep saying they look alike! Where got!!!












Lol, had dim sum till 5pm, went to walk walk around
and went to our second foodie session of the day at 7pm!

Boyf's singing lesson friends gathering:


Crab crab crab crab craaaaaaaaaabbbb @ Crab Party




Boyf's brother & mummy's birthday dinner:
Went to this japanese grill restaurant @ Robinson Quay.
Yums! Grilled wagyu beef!!!


.... Lol, sake photo fail to the maaaaax!!!











My boyf's boyf, lol he likes to grope my boyf's tits.
So complicated. @#$%^&





Mummy's birthday dinner:
Went to Eden Sanctuary @ Rochester Park
to celebrate mummy's birthday!
Totally forgotten about mummy's birthday until the day before! :x

Hobgoblin beer!


Soups, salad & tea!

My strawberry beef

Mummy's peanut butter ginger dory fish

Daddy's blue cheese mushroo beef



Creme Brulee & tofu cheesecake



This two day's off day is so relaxing!!!
Stay at boyf's place the whole day, lay in bed reading a book, eating apples.
Ahhhh, shiok! Lol, then boyf was like acting funny and
singing "CAI SHEN DAO" the new year song you knooooow?

Then his dogs were like giving him the -.- face :


... LOL!
Went to The Central to have dinner with boyf & his mum!
Went to Santouka to try the oh-so-famous Pork Cheek Ramen,
have been missing the pork cheek noodle since hong kong!


... i've no idea why it's so so salty!
hope it's only that day that it's like that. ):
Maybe next time go back try again!


Feed the kitty @ my house area yesterday!


She's like forever there, since i was a little girl!!!
then everytime boyf send me home and open letterbox
then she will come and manja us! Awwwww, cannot resist!
But at least she won't like try to follow us home and stuff.